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Polyurethane Seals

AFT Fluorotec Polyurethane and elastomer range of Seals

In addition to our range of high performance PTFE spring energized seals, AFT Fluorotec also offer a full range of Polyurethane and elastomer seals. Materials including Polyurethane, HNBR, NBR, EPDM, FPM, FKM, AFLAS and Silicone with many variants in FDA Approved and RGD resistant compounds.

All our seals are Lathe cut which means:

No tooling charge
No minimum Quantities
Economic small batches
Quick and easy production of oversize standard profiles
Exceptional accuracy
Any size or shape can be produced
Rapid turnaround

Seal Range

Our Seals range truly is comprehensive, covering all materials and types of seals.

Polyurethane and Elastomer seal Range:

Wiper seals
Rod seals
Piston seals
Symmetrical seals
Back up rings
Guide rings
Elastomer energized Polyurethane Seals
Polyurethane seals with integrated back up rings
Static seals
Rotary seals
Vee packings
Chevron sets

The range of profiles is limitless and any special profiles can be created. Seal types available are not limited to the products listed. Please contact us if the profile or material you require is not listed.

If you are not sure of the type of seal you require, one of our engineering team will be able to help specify the correct seal for your application.

Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethanes have a substantial importance in modern seal technology. AFT Fluorotec Polyurethane materials stand out due to their being produced using only the highest quality materials. In many cases AFT Fluorotec Polyurethane seals will out perform competitors materials. AFT Fluorotec Polyurethane materials range from shore A hardness 57 to 95 and are all Hydrolysis resistant – often referred to as H-PU. With a huge range of material stocks, there is no such thing as a special requiring an extended lead time.

Besides standard Polyurethane materials, we also offer materials with an optimized coefficient of friction and materials for direct contact with foodstuffs. We offer a range of material colours to suit all applications.


Elastomers (Rubber)

Elastomers are a very important part of the sealing range of materials. Although widely pushed out of some applications due to the performance of modern polyurethanes, Elastomer materials remain essential in sealing technology due to their wide spectrum of thermal and chemical resistance. AFT Fluorotec use only rubber compounds produced by highly regarded international producers. This combined with our state of the art seal manufacturing technology guarantees high quality sealing products for our customers with an excellent price to quality ratio. Prompt availability of standard and special materials and quick manufacturing times ensure quick delivery. In addition a range of colours are available to suit Food industry applications.


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