AFT Fluorotec have an extensive range of PTFE, Fluoropolymer and plastic materials manufactured within our UK base which gives complete control and flexibility to support almost any demand. Our range of PTFE materials and compounds extends to more than 300 variations of Virgin unfilled materials through standard filled compounds all the way to speciality blended materials to suit particular applications.

  • Custom Valve Seals

    Durable & Reliable VICTREX PEEK & PTFE Valve Seals.

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  • Custom Rod & Piston Seals

    Radial rod & piston seals for static and dynamic applications.

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  • Custom Face Seals

    Internal and external face seals.

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  • Custom Double Acting Rod & Piston Seals

    Designed for and used with integrated or separate back-up rings.

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  • Custom Single Action Wipers

    Prevent the ingress of unwanted media, dust and water.

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  • Custom Rotary Shaft Seals

    Suited to small diameters where groove size is restricted.

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If other suppliers can't help - we certainly can!

Every seal WE manufacture is specifically designed to suit our client's applications.

Whilst we work around typical designs and groove dimensions for much of what we do, it is not a full picture of all we do.

Many of the seals we design and supply are specials – the difficult applications, the extremes, often specific to particular products and service conditions and very often oil and gas related.

When you’ve tried standard profile seals without success or know you’re going to need a bespoke solution for a particular project, we can deliver what you need.


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