VICTREX PEEK material is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic typically used as a replacement for machined metals in a wide variety of high performance end-use applications.


Very high thermal mechanical bearing strength
High hardness and rigidity
Excellent creep resistance
Good chemical resistance
Excellent radiation resistance
High maximum use temperature
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Possible Applications

VICTREX PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic material with outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties, which makes it ideal for sealing applications. In some industries, VICTREX PEEK seals are often used as a mechanical backup for softer materials, and in other industries the unique properties of VICTREX PEEK make it suitable to be the primary seal.

Critically, VICTREX PEEK not only can withstand high temperatures, but does so in harsh chemical environments which have made it the material of choice for some applications in the oil and gas sector.



Other applications include:

Valve seats, bearing cages, backup rings, end-caps, flowmeters, frac balls, insulators.

Property Test Method Typical Values
Elongation ISO 527 33%
Dielectric Strength 1MM 20KV/MM
Coefficient of Friction 0.34
Specific Gravity ISO 527 1.32 g/cm3
Tensile Strength ISO 527 110 MPa
Compressive Strength ASTM D695 118 MPa
Hardness Rockwell M 99
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D696 5 x10-5 OC
Max Continuous use Temperature 260 OC
Heat Distortion Temperature 150OC
Datasheet: Virgin VICTREX PEEK
AF801 Virgin PEEK 154kb

AF801 is a semi-crystalline very high performance engineering thermoplastic for extremely demanding applications.

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