Every business has its reasons why customers should choose them over their competitors, and we’re no different.

We believe the following 11 benefits set us apart and will give you a positive experience you’ll keep coming back for.

Get what you want when you want it

When you call us about your project and have a fixed delivery date you need to meet, rather than quote a standard lead time, we’ll do everything we can to fulfil your order for when you need it.

We’ve turned around jobs in less 24 hours and over weekends many times before. We’ll treat you as an individual customer, not just another order with a standard lead time.

Look forward to faster quotes

We understand the demands placed on you by your boss or your own customers. That’s why if you ask us for a quote in a hurry, we’ll provide it. We’re here to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible and don’t conform to standard replies such as “All quotes take 48 hours”.

First class flexibility

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ order in our industry. Our attitude to customer service is to be as accommodating as possible.

Examples of this include:

  • Trading in a foreign currency
  • Lab testing each piece of material to meet stringent parameters
  • Accommodating your preferred freight/shipping method
  • F1/military levels of inspection and reporting


When we give you a delivery date for your order, that’s the date you’ll receive it rather than being the dispatch date.

We’re only human and on the very rare occasion we come across a technical or delivery issue, we’ll put our heads above the parapet and tell you so immediately. And we’ll also let you know how we’re going to resolve it for you.

We’ll tackle projects that others won’t

While we’ve grown into a fairly large company, we never forget our roots. Lots of bigger organisations won’t deal with small bespoke orders because “they’re more trouble than they’re worth” - that’s not the attitude we take at all. We still get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from taking on small, unique projects such as this 16 gauge shotgun restoration.

Problem solving

We’ve won lots of new business over the years by being able to solve problems for our customers. An example of this is when we developed a bespoke modified PTFE grade for a valve seat material.

Because we work with clients across many different industries ranging from F1 and aerospace through to pharmaceuticals and oil & gas, there are always unique challenges that arise. In many cases, ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions just won’t do, and that’s where our expertise and problem-solving experience comes into its own.

Precision plastic component design

As well as being able to manufacture components based on your drawings, we can provide our own design service for a range of seals, backup rings and machined parts including valve seats and insulators.

There are many benefits of having your components designed and manufactured by one supplier, including our in-depth knowledge of the machinery being used.


When you have a question about your project, we make it easy to get an answer from a specialist without having to wait days for a reply.

You can use our Ask the Experts online service or call us on 01992 515880 to speak to someone who can help.

Save time

Finding the right material or component for your project, first time, can free you up to do other tasks.

Our aim is to try to take away as many of your headaches as possible. For example, we’ve built an online seal selector tool to save you time trawling through endless manuals looking for the right profile and material.

Our commitment to quality and precision

We are ISO 9001:2015 approved for the production of PTFE and fluoropolymers, CNC machined components and seals.

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art Mitutoyo measuring equipment, as well as testing facilities for our materials to measure their tensile strength, elongation and specific gravity. Watch our Mitutoyo CMM in action below.



Unlike lots of other businesses, we do everything we can to give our customers what they need, when they need it.

We don’t expect you to fit in with our timescales and processes.

If you’d like to learn more about our approach, we have a number of case studies or you can contact us. 

AS9100 Approved

AFT Fluorotec is AS9100 approved for the production of PTFE and fluoropolymers exclusively for the aerospace industry.

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