SW Plastics is currently working on a new supply project for an international process instrumentation manufacturer.

Demands from the process industry in sectors such as waste water treatment, dry bulk goods handling and storage, food processing, mining and chemical processing mean there are ever-increasing demands placed on the quality and reliability and flexibility of process instrumentation.

As a result of this drive, customers in this market expect the highest standards from their supply chain in terms of quality, precision tolerances of machined plastic parts, and quality and consistency of base polymer resins. Users of the end products in the field demand high performance and extended in-service life.

Our process

SW plastics have recently embarked on a supply chain program to produce seven different complex parts in PTFE and polypropylene with this customer.

Once drawings and model files have been received, the initial development of the machining process is done using our Delcam CAD CAM software to create an accurate model file that can compared to what’s been supplied by the customer.

Once the part is visualized, any specialist tooling can be produced and the sampling process can commence. During the production process the part will be checked against drawing requirements, and the necessary first article inspection report generated to be submitted with the parts for approval.

The produced parts will be inspected and measured in our temperature controlled inspection room, using CMM technology if required.

Inspection and traceability

Discussion with the customer will involve agreeing the inspection levels, methods of measuring, agreeing gauge requirements and methods of measuring in process. In addition the SW Plastics team will establish the level of material batch traceability, and if test reports are required.

Only once we are confident the samples meet the customer drawing and all their needs have been established and agreed, will we submit the samples for approval.

The team now eagerly awaits good news from the end customer.

Our engineering team has a strong pride in their workmanship and will take great satisfaction when the approvals are received.

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