Recently we’ve been working with bakeries of all sizes demonstrating the benefits of non-stick PTFE coatings when compared to traditional silicone paper.

Is silicone paper past its use by date? We certainly think so, and we’re not alone.

Every bakery we’ve spoken to has taken up a trial to see if non-stick coatings can improve their production line. And the results have been overwhelmingly positive as described in our recent silicone paper case study

We’ve compiled the table below to show how silicone paper and non-stick coatings compare

What to Consider Silicone Paper Non-Stick Coated Trays
Costs Regular purchase of sundry expenses such as release oils, emulsions and grease-proof baking paper are required Higher initial costs for coated trays but these have a much longer lifespan
Safety Using oil in a bakery environment can cause slips, trips and falls as well as being a fire hazard You can run a completely dry bakery which provides a safer working environment
Longevity High wastage levels with silicone paper having to be thrown out when a product sticks to it Can typically last for between 2,000 and 3,000 bake and release cycles
Quality Spillage from products can cause black burnt-on residue to be transferred from the paper to the baked products A cleaner bake with no product sticking to your trays
Production Sticking products slow down your rate of production and cost you money No production downtime and increased profitability through reduced wastage
Cleaning Burnt on fillings can’t be cleaned from silicone paper Any residue will fall off the non-stick coated trays so they can be used without manual cleaning
Reputation Your customers and suppliers don’t want products with burnt bits. They expect perfection every time Non-stick coatings allow you to produce and sell your products at their very best which will keep existing customers and attract new ones
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