One of the more delicate products that we are involved in at AFT Fluorotec is the manufacture of precision components for the military. A large consideration is the detail of how such parts have to be exported.

The UK actually supplies extensively into military manufacture throughout the world. Take something like an Apache AH64 helicopter. First developed in the 1970’s for the US Army by Hughes helicopters and over the years through company buyouts, has been made by Bell and Mcdonnell Douglas and more recently, by Boeing and also under licence within the UK by Agusta Westland.

Whilst certainly developed for the U.S. Army, it has become the primary attack helicopter for multiple nations including Greece, Japan, Israel, The Netherlands, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

An aircraft that has been in production for decades, used and owned all over the world.

But what happens when spare parts are needed in a far-off nation? Exporting goods for military use is not something to be undertaken lightly. Many companies that can make the spares required simply cannot export them due to not having the required government approvals and licencing from both the UK and the destination country.

That’s where we come in. SW Plastics division of AFT Fluorotec have those approvals and the expertise to perform military exports, under the OGEL or SIEL platforms. If we add in our AS9100d certification, we are very well placed to serve this industry in the UK and abroad, and we do just that!

A large portion of the manufactured parts within SW plastics division of AFT Fluorotec are indeed for military applications all over the world. Primarily aircraft spares and repair components, often for much older aircrafts where supply of OEM parts is no longer available.

Our team of engineers can machine components that maybe previously were moulded due to our 10 axis machining capabilities. And we can then export legitimately wherever they need to go.

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