We were recently approached by a leading UK fresh pasta and noodle producer in the food & drink industry. The company makes both private and labelled branded products for the retail market and leading supermarkets.


At their main site, they had started to lose production on one of their lines producing filled pasta shapes.

Those of us who make fresh pasta know from experience the dough mix can be very sticky/tacky. And in an automated production process, non-stick coatings play a very important role in preventing the pasta from sticking to the processing components, in this case, the cutter rollers.

The Italian OEM machine being used at the factory had a series of these non-stick coated cutter rollers which formed the pasta shapes and two of these had started to fail, causing line stoppages and product losses. This was costing the company money and jeopardising delivery deadlines.

To order replacement rollers from the OEM or return the rollers for a new coating to be applied would have meant a minimum delay of seven days. This wasn’t an option for the company – they needed a fast and reliable remedy for the problem.



We provided a 24-hour turnaround of the rollers where the old coating was removed and replaced with a new longer-lasting AFC 2108 non-stick coating and easy-clean finish. Our rapid service enabled the customer to have minimal downtime and also ensured on-time deliveries to their supermarket clients.

Other examples of non-stick coated food and bakeware processing applications include pizza pans, waffle irons, bread tins, sandwich makers, baguette trays, pie hoops and many more.

AFT Fluorotec and our AFC 2108 non-stick coating can improve your production process. Contact us to discover how you can benefit.

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