From Inception, we have been thinking ahead. Considering how the latest technology could offer a manufacturing advantage to us and our customers. In 2007 we opened the doors with basic 2 axis CNC lathes and 3 axis CNC machining centres but these were supported with CNC measuring machines and the very best our metrology partners had to offer.

Fast forward to 2019 and our Lathes and Machining centres bear little resemblance to those we started with. Since day 1 we have had a policy of reinvesting in technology and the journey since 2007 has seen a steady and methodical investment in new equipment, always taking a step further than we actually need to stay ahead of the competition.

Our recent relocation to our purpose designed premises in Welwyn Garden City offered us another opportunity to add the latest and greatest from Mazak, Haas and Keyence. Whilst keeping the equipment up to date gives us obvious confidence in accuracy and negates the negative effects of machinery wear and tear and potential downtime, it also creates new opportunities for manufacturing methods to be perfected and economies to be realised and passed back to our customers.

Our 5 axis Haas machining centres supported by our CAD/CAM partner facilitate machining on multiple sides and multiple parts in one setting, with fixtures and tooling all being designed and manufactured in house. Our team of highly skilled programmers, setters, and operators are driven by the desire to make components in the most efficient, and accurate way possible, and of course, being reinforced with every unnecessary set-up.

Our Suite of Mazak Smooth control machines further enhances the ability to manufacture components complete on a single machine due to multi-spindle, multi-axis machining and parts transfer.

Our investment doesn’t stop with the equipment and we are truly appreciative of the people who keep us turning. Whilst our skilled technicians are striving for continued excellence and perfection in the manufacturing process, we provide the necessary training for them to achieve the same development and achievements within themselves and their personal development with a number of comprehensive training programs for our apprentices and experienced engineers alike.

We've worked with clients to create complex components from a wide variety of materials and in many cases, been able to deliver solutions that other suppliers couldn't.