Our PTFE and PEEK products are manufactured to exacting standards at quantities to suit your needs. All our machined parts are made to order so you get exactly what you’re looking for to suit your specific industry application. We can design custom machined parts to suit a wide range of uses or manufacture based on your own drawings. There really is almost nothing we cannot manufacture in plastics. 

Below is a short introduction to some of the products areas our expertise covers.

Precision Seals Manufacturer

From wipers and piston seals through to rod and rotary, our experience and expertise is second to none. See our full range of PTFE seals expertise, materials and capability.

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PTFE & PEEK Valve Seats

Fluoropolymer valve seats in PTFE and filled PEEK manufactured to your precise specifications with a fast turnaround.

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Our VICTREX PEEK backup rings can withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures. We can design and manufacture these to suit your specific application.

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Reinforced PTFE Slide Bearings

PTFE slide bearings are widely used in the construction and offshore sectors to solve the problem of movement caused by a range of factors.

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PTFE Skidway Plates

We have painstakingly developed, tested and used our own reinforced PTFE material for skidway plates. Read why so many heavy engineering yards worldwide trust our skidway plates.

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Machined VICTREX PEEK Bearing Cages

We can manufacture large filled PEEK bearing cages and also coat existing cages in PEEK to improve their temperature resistance.

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Micro Parts

Read more about our expertise and experience in producing micro parts for connectors and insulators, as well as the equipment we use.

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Frac Balls

Frac balls made from PEEK or glass filled nylon can be manufactured in any size you need

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Highly Versatile Insulators

The versatility of our PTFE and PEEK insulators is one of their key strengths.

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