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AFT Fluorotec PTFE skidway plates or Teflon skidway plates – are used to aid the skidding of topsides, jackets and other heavy fabrications. Structures weighing up to 30000 tonnes have been successfully loaded out on PTFE skidways.

We offer a range of PTFE skidway plates to suit your individual requirements. At AFT Fluorotec we like to push the technical boundaries, which is why we developed a special reinforced PTFE material specifically for skidway applications.

Introducing AF115

  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Outperforms traditional reinforced PTFE materials
  • Has undergone rigorous laboratory testing for qualification purposes
  • Used by many renowned heavy engineering construction yards throughout the world

Skidway plate properties

Typical coefficient of friction values are 5% for static (breakout) and 1% for dynamic. These values are based upon the correct installation of the PTFE skidway plates, surface finish of the timber skid shoes and the application of additional lubricant. We recommend the use of additional lubricant to reduce the initial static friction caused by absorbent timber skid shoes, lengthy construction periods, uneven loading and construction site debris. The coefficient of friction is increased without the use of lubricant.

One of our typical PTFE skidway plates consists of 2.5mm thick reinforced PTFE hot cure factory bonded under controlled conditions to a 3mm thick carbon steel plate. PTFE skidway plates are normally manufactured with a 25mm welding lip around each edge. This prevents the PTFE from being damaged when the skidway plates are tack welded into position. We are able to offer reinforced PTFE with dimples spread uniformly across the skidding surface. The purpose of the dimples is to retain additional lubricant.

At AFT Fluorotec we recognise the importance of our customers receiving the PTFE skidway plates in the same condition they leave our factory. Due to the geographic location of many of our customers, protecting the Skidway plates during extended sea transport is an essential part of the supply process. We apply the same quality of materials, care and quality control to our packaging and despatch as every other part of our manufacturing process.

AFT Fluorotec PTFE Skidway plates undergo extensive quality control and testing. Manufacturing procedures are carried out in line with our quality system and each batch of PTFE Skidway plates are subject to industry standard testing.

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AF115 Reinforced PTFE

A reinforced PTFE material specifically developed for slide bearing and skidway applications. This material comprises a unique blend of filler compounds to give optimum compressive strength whilst retaining very low frictional coefficients.

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