Laser marking gives you the flexibility to engrave your components with a broad range of designs and text.  Due to the relatively quick setup and production time, AFT Fluorotec offer laser marking services at very cost-effective prices.


Example Applications

Virtually anything made from plastic can be laser marked with a legible and permanent mark of your choice. Some examples include:

  • Mark component numbers, dimensions or other information on seals
  • Etch machine readable codes onto external components (barcodes or QR codes)
  • Ensure your company name or logo is marked on your components 


The Benefits of laser marking

  • Laser markings are abrasion, heat and acid resistant
  • Most types of plastics are suitable for laser engraving
  • There is a wide range of intricate designs and text that can be engraved
  • The process is fast, which means it will only have minimal impact on the delivery of your order
  • It's a cost-effective solution


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