• Reinforced PTFE / Virgin PTFE
  • Polished stainless steel plate
  • Carbon steel plate / stainless steel plate
  • Existing substrate



Recessed Slide Bearings can take exceptionally high loads up to 510 kg/cm2. They are especially suited for applications where you have high loads and small contact points.

Modern architecture often celebrates the skeleton steel structure and small bearings can give the effect of beams floating above the support column or truss.



  • Top Sliding Plate - 3mm thick polished stainless steel plate.
  • Bottom Sliding Plate - 4mm thick Reinforced PTFE / Virgin PTFE bonded into a 2mm deep recess in a 6mm thick carbon steel plate / stainless steel plate.
  • Method of Installation - Tack welding, full welding, bolting, mortar embedment.
  • Load Capacity - Reinforced PTFE: 50 MPa (510 kg/cm2), Virgin PTFE: 14 MPa (142 kg/cm2).

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