Experts Working With PTFE, PEEK & Other FluoropolyMers

With unrivalled experience working with engineering plastics we can provide you with standard grades of PTFE, VICTREX PEEK and other fluoropolymer materials, or work with you and your team to design a bespoke material to suit your needs.

We can design and manufacture complex machined components, ranging from high performance energised seals, PTFE slide bearings and skidway systems, as well as producing rods and tubes from 6mm to 1800mm in diameter.

Our knowledge of fluoropolymer materials allows us to also provide world class coating solutions for a variety of applications including bakeware equipment, stud bolt coatings, release coatings and glass coatings.

In short, if you require a fluoropolymer solution, we can help. Get in touch with our team today.

What we do

From Moulding to Machining to Coatings, and everything in between, there is almost nothing we cannot manufacture or coat in plastics. Our team are specialists in custom design of components, materials and coatings, and have an unrivalled knowledge of engineering plastics.
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We work with our clients to create complex components from a wide variety of materials including over 500 different grades of PTFE.

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Coatings Solutions

We specialise in providing effective coating solutions in various materials across a broad range of industries and applications.

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Component Design

Manufacturing bespoke plastic and machined parts to your specification, or working with your team to design a suitable component.

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Design and manufacture of world-class plastic, rubber and elastomer seals, and supply of standard profile seals.

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Slide Bearings

We have been manufacturing slide bearings and skidway plates for the UK construction industry for many years.

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Tubes and Rods

Supplying an unrivalled selection of fluoropolymers materials, we excel in matching materials to your requirements.