Reviving Industrial Centrifuges

Discover how AFT Fluorotec's dedicated coating team successfully tackled the challenge of rejuvenating a large industrial centrifuge, ensuring minimal production downtime and surpassing customer expectations. This case study sheds light on our efficient solution to strip and re-coat the centrifuge, while highlighting our commitment to excellence.

PTFE Slide Bearings for Construction of School

Discover how Fluorotec provided slide bearing plates for a school construction project. Overcoming challenges of tight deadlines and specific requirements, our AF115/SS316 coated plates delivered excellent performance, low friction, and high compressive strength. The timely delivery, structural engineer approval, and positive customer experience highlights our commitment to excellence.

FDA Approved Non-Stick Re-Coat for a Pet Food Biscuit Producer

The pet food industry is one of the few industries that have been performing well, despite the economic downturn. The popularity and demand for premium healthy pet food among pet owners positively impacts the pet food market, and it is expected to...


Providing a rapid turnaround coating service for rental equipment providers servicing the gas and water industry.

Semiconductor Halar ECTFE Coated Ductwork and Pipework Systems

A leading expert in the high-volume production of semiconductor components required ductwork coated in Halar ECTFE. We were able to provide high-quality coatings on a constricted timescale.

Hydrogen Engines and PTFE

We recently had the opportunity to work with Brunel University, creating PTFE corner seals used in a Wankel Hydrogen engine.

Corrosion in Mining Equipment

Corrosion is a significant problem facing the mining industry today. It can cause costly downtime and damage machinery. We were recently able to help one company prevent corrosion and avoid unnecessary expense.

Halar ECTFE Coating for a Centrifugal Fan Impeller

See how our AFC 2301 Halar ECTFE based coating was used to provide corrosion protection and improved impact strength and abrasion resistance to a centrifugal fan impeller.

Pharmaceutical Hopper Coatings

Discover how our non-stick fluoropolymer coatings with low friction properties protect our customers pharmaceutical hoppers.

Restoration of Classic Land Rover Chassis and Bulkheads

How our AFC 4100 Zinc thermally applied coating is used in the restoration of classic Land Rovers.