Shot blasting is the most commonly used term in the abrasive blasting industry, it essentially involves compressed air firing some type of abrasive media at the substrate to be blasted.

Shot blasting is used in a wide range of industries, almost every industry that uses metal, including aerospace & automotive, construction and oil & gas, to name but a few.

The term is commonly substituted with sand blasting too. However sand is a rarely used media now days, as fine silicates generated in the process of sandblasting can pose a health and safety hazard. Sand has been replaced with more advanced types of grit and abrasive media. Common media now include a "grit" of aluminium oxide of various sizes and grades, plastics, and organic media being more commonplace. 

Because no silicon dust is produced when carrying out shot blasting, it means that that there is less pollution for the immediate environment.

Here at our purpose built blast rooms, we have achieved fantastic results using shot blasting on metal surfaces during vehicle restoration when needing to remove any loose materials, paints or dirt. Shot blasting can also be used to prepare surfaces through abrasion because of the heavy duty nature of the blasting.

AFT Fluorotec Coatings can offer a full suite of media choices, and our experts can help with media selection according to what is to be removed from the article in question.

Longer lifespan
Our shot blasting capabilities allows us to clean and prepare components much faster than when using traditional methods such as sanding down or wire brushing.
Material specialists
We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service, from quick response to enquiries and short production lead times, to overnight turnaround in urgent cases.
Flexible lead time
Ensuring your equipment is properly treated and prepared prior to recoating will extend its lifespan and save you from needing to replace it.

Shot Blasting

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