Of all our thermal spray coatings, bronze is often chosen for its visual and architectural appeal. There are several types of bronze coatings available, including:

  • Tin bronze (bronze age)
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Silicon bronze

Using our arc sprayed process, our bronze coating can be used for decoration, surface modification and engineering reclamation.

Bronze and brass can be sprayed onto lower cost materials like steel and even resin and wood to produce a variety of different finishes that are often used by interior designers and architects.

Spraying the lower cost steel with zinc as corrosion protection prior to the application of bronze enables a long lasting decorative item far more cost effective than a solid bronze one.

Generally, after the bronze thermally sprayed coating is applied, the component surface would require sanding and polishing to give the required visual appeal, as with other thermally sprayed coatings the sprayed surface texture can be adjusted to give particular surface profiles.

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