A slide bearing comprises an upper element and a lower element, which operate by sliding against one another. The upper element is generally larger than the lower element by the amount of the anticipated movement. This ensures that the lower element is subjected to uniform load throughout motion and excludes foreign matter from the sliding interface.

The fantastic frictional properties of PTFE mean it is an ideal material to be used in this application. The material has very low friction coefficients with pads and slideways made from Virgin PTFE and the use of different grades of fillers can greatly improve wear resistance and friction coefficient.

Typical applications include construction, bridge bearings, pedestrian footbridges, storage tanks & structure expansion and movement joints.



PTFE slide bearings are widely used in the construction and offshore sectors to solve the problem of movement caused by a range of factors. Take a look at our slide bearing selection and installation guide for more information.

AF115 is reinforced PTFE material specifically developed for slide bearing applications. This material comprises a unique blend of filler compounds to give optimum compressive strength whilst retaining very low frictional coefficients.