All seals are manufactured within our UK base which gives complete control and flexibility to support almost any demand.

Our range of PTFE materials and compounds extends to more than 300 variations of virgin unfilled materials through standard filled compounds all the way to speciality blended materials to suit particular applications.

You can search our range of seal profiles below, or if you'd like to chat with us about designing a custom seal for your application, please get in touch and our team will get back to you.

High performance seals
Our seals are used by high demanding applications in the harshest environments in the world. Where other seals fail, ours continue to perform.
Unrivalled choice of materials
We can provide a wide range of standard fluoropolymer materials such as PTFE, VICTREX PEEK, PU, NBR and POM, or create a bespoke material to suit your requirements.
Reliable supplier and partner
We supply large quantities of standard and custom seals for clients all across the world, and take pride in shipping quality products and delivering on time.

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Custom Seals

If a standard profile isn't quite what you need, we can help you create a custom seal that suits your application.

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Wiper Seals

Our wiper seals come in a large selection of profiles and materials such as PU, PTFE and NBR.

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Rod Seals

We manufacture hydraulic rod seals in a wide selection of profiles and materials such as PTFE, PU, PEEK and NBR.

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Piston Seals

We have years of experience in the design and manufacture of piston seals in a wide selection of profiles and materials such as PU.

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Symmetrical Seals

Choose from over a dozen symmetrical seal profiles in a range of materials including PU, PTFE and NBR.

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Backup Rings

Our backup rings manufactured from PU, POM and PTFE operate at a range of temperatures from -200 degrees to 260 degrees C.

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O Rings

When you need static seals or O rings for a specific application, take a look at the different profiles and materials we can provide.

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Mining Seals

For precision manufactured mining seals you can rely on, choose from our large range of different profiles in PU, NBR and POM

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Engineering a Composite Seal for a Pharmaceutical Company
We were given the opportunity to manufacture and develop a PTFE and elastomeric seal for a pharmaceutical powder processing application. The seal it self was to be made from PTFE, which would then have a FDA compliant silicone rubber seal moulded onto it.


PTFE has many benefits making it ideal for sealing applications.

  • Extremely high thermal stability, resistance to almost all chemicals, chemical inertness, Extremely low coefficient of friction (0.06), self lubricating properties, high melting point and the unique ability to resist thermal degradation.
  • PTFE is an ideal material for use in dynamic sealing applications, even when running dry as it does not suffer any stick/slip effect. This low friction characteristic also makes it the ideal choice for high speed dynamic applications as heat build up through friction is minimal.
  • The addition of various fillers can alter some or all of these properties and can be adjusted to achieve desired physical properties to suit applications making our range of PTFE seals and materials extremely flexible
  • One of the main advantages of using PTFE for seals is the wide operating temperature range, –70 to +250 °C (–95 to +480 °F). 

From wipers and piston seals through to rod and rotary, our experience and expertise are second to none.

Download our seals brochures below, or contact us to discuss you requirements.

Seals & Materials Overview

This PDF is a single page chart of our standard seal profiles and relevant associated information.

Seals & Materials Brochure

This PDF outlines our full range of standard seal profiles, with the material colour, property range and example applications.

Seals Design Handbook

Our seals handbook contains the most detailed information about our range of seals, materials and the service we provide.

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