Here at Fluorotec, our metal cleaning service is ideal for a wide range of metals including steel, aluminium, copper and iron & cast.

Some of the most common projects we receive are where metal components and structures have begun to corrode and rust, and we have been able to effectively remove unwanted materials and ensure that we leave a clean surface ensuring that the metal beneath is not damaged.



Whether it's grit blasting, aluminium oxide blasting or bead blasting, all of our metal cleaning processes are applied with the recoating treatment in mind.  

The profile of the metal surface is carefully controlled to ensure maximum adhesion of the most suitable coating system. Our blast cleaning services meet with Swedish standards SA2.5 and SA3.

Longer lifespan
Our expert metal cleaning service means your products can be properly cleaned and treated, allowing them to be repeatedly reused in your production cycle.
Material specialists
Our expert knowledge in the property of various metals allows us to select the right method for cleaning without damaging the surface material.
Flexible lead time
Do you have an urgent requirement? We can usually deliver orders on short notice, so get in touch with our team to discuss your project.

Metal Cleaning

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