Wet blasting, sometimes referred to as vapor blasting is the process for removing a coating layer (e.g. paint, rust, dirt) from a surface, or preparing a surface for recoating using pressurised water and abrasive blast media.

Dust Reduction
One of the big advantages of using wet blasting is that it reduces the amount of dust produced by the abrasive blasting process.
Finer finish
Wet blasting allows you to generate a much finer finish on the material surface.
Save time
Unlike dry blasting, which requires dust and particles to be cleaned off after, water blasting cleans the surface at the same time, saving you time.


One big advantage of wet blasting is that it enables the user to control the blasting process and this is especially important when dealing with high-precision manufacturing applications often used in the aerospace industry.

Wet blasting can be used for surface preparation during the manufacturing or repairing various aircraft parts and components, including engine turbines and landing gear equipment.

Another reason why it is commonly used in the aerospace industry is its ability to produce a consistent finish on surfaces. Components used in the aviation and aerospace sector are required to meet extremely high standards and wet blasting helps to ensure these standards are met time after time.


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