Abrasive grit blasting, also known as sandblasting, is a common surface treatment process which can be used on any metal surface which is being prepared for a paint job or coating. 

By creating a smooth surface finish, abrasive blasting removes the pits and cracks that frequently harbour moisture and contaminants – and which can cause problems with paint adhesion down the line. It also removes the mill scale and soluble salts that can lead to rust build-up under the paint, which can ruin the metal surface itself as well as the coating.


There are a number of different blasting techniques that we can offer, depending on the surface on which the work is being performed. Our variety of abrasives means that we have the medium for almost any blasting job. The most abrasive are shot blasting (with metal shot) and sand blasting (with sand). Glass bead blasting and plastic media blasting (with ground-up plastic stock or walnut shells) can be used for a milder blasting solution.

Time efficient
Our grit blasting capabilities allows us to clean and prepare components much faster than when using traditional methods such as sanding down or wire brushing.
Reliable partners
We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service, from quick response to enquiries and short production lead times, to overnight turnaround in urgent cases.
Save money
Ensuring your equipment is properly treated and prepared prior to recoating will extend its lifespan and save you from needing to replace it.
  • Glass Grit Blasting

    Glass grit blasting is a low cost and low impact media, often used for vehicle and automotive part refurbishment.

  • Plastic Grit Blasting

    Plastic grit blasting is a plastic media (often melamine) that can be used for cleaning, coating stripping and deflashing purposes.


We have 5 blast rooms all with different grits and medias to enable us to blast metal components up to almost any size. This enables us to use grit blasting for things such as vehicle restoration, construction steel fabrication amongst many others.


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