With outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties, VICTREX PEEK is an ideal material to use for sealing applications.

We are VICTREX PEEK Approved Processor and have the capability to produce a whole range of VICTREX PEEK Seals, including Rod Seals, Backup Rings, O Rings and many more.

All of our VICTREX PEEK seals are manufactured within our UK base which gives complete control and flexibility to support almost any demand.

If you'd like to chat with us about designing a custom seal for your application, please get in touch and our team will get back to you.

High Mechanical Strength
Very low creep
Excellent hydrolysis resistance
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance
Substantial wear resistance
Lighter but as strong as metal
Excellent thermal ageing resistance


To ensure safe and consistent performance in critical applications, the NORSOK M710 standard was developed to show that not only a material's properties meet key criteria, but they can be effectively maintained throughout the lifespan of the component.

NORSOK M710, Qualification of Non-Metallic Sealing Materials and Manufacturers) is a key standard for materials used in extreme applications, particularly in the oil and gas industry where oil reserves are becoming increasingly sour.  

Virgin VICTREX PEEK (AF801) meets NORSOK M710 Compliance, so you can be sure your components are the best they can be for your application.

Custom Seal Profiles
If you need a bespoke VICTREX PEEK seal solution, we'll work with your team to design a seal for your particular application.
Precision manufacturing
An expert in manufacturing VICTREX PEEK seals we've produced millions of seals for clients across the world - both in standard and bespoke profiles.
Measurable Benefits
From high-temperature resistance, to excellent dielectric strength there are a number of benefits to using VICTREX PEEK seals in your application.
AFT Fluorotec are a VICTREX PEEK Approved Processor
Our tooling is designed and procedures are controlled to ensure all materials processed have optimum physical properties for the particular VICTREX PEEK grade.

Custom Seal Design & Manufacture

As well as a large selection of standard seal profiles we can also design and manufacture custom seals for almost any application.

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O Rings

When you need static seals or O rings for a specific application, take a look at the different profiles and materials we can provide.

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AFT Fluorotec have a broad range of experience in designing and manufacturing RCD seals for the oil & gas industry.

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PTFE & PEEK Valve Seats

Fluoropolymer valve seats in PTFE and filled PEEK manufactured to your precise specifications with a fast turnaround.

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Our VICTREX PEEK backup rings can withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures. We can design and manufacture these to suit your specific application.

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Reliable Hydraulic Rod Seals

We manufacture hydraulic rod seals in a wide selection of profiles and materials such as PTFE, PU, PEEK and NBR.

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