• Industrial Bakeware Coatings

    Whether you require a non-stick coating for new bakeware or the coatings on your existing tins are beginning to fail, our specialist bakeware coatings will increase productivity and reduce costs across your range of baked goods.

  • New Industrial Baking Tins, Pans & Trays

    We manufacture and supply a wide range of metal bakeware, including bread tins, bun trays, baking trays, cake tins and many more. Our of non-stick release coatings are tailored specifically for your individual requirements to ensure a long lifespan between re-coats.

  • Bakeware Refurbishment

    As well as stripping and re-applying a new non-stick coating, our team can straighten your pans returning them to near new condition. This will prolong the lifespan and increase the performance of your tins and trays.

Bakeware Coating Experts

We are coating experts, providing the best non-stick release coatings and materials for industrial bakeries. We can apply our high-performing non-stick release coatings to newly produced metalwork as well as recoat existing bakeware that has begun to lose its non-stick properties. However, it's not just the coating solutions we provide. We can take care of all your bakeware needs with our ability to source new bakeware metalwork as well as providing coatings that meet your business's demands.

Our bakeware refurbishment services can be designed as a continuous rotating cycle to suit your individual needs whilst ensuring minimal disruptions and work stoppages. 

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