One of our main strengths is our ability to match materials and products to your specific requirements. We’re not an “off-the-shelf” supplier. We believe in giving you the benefit of our expertise and providing the right solution rather than the closest fit.

AFT produce a wide range of materials in house. These include compression moulded PTFE rods and tubes and literally hundreds of filled PTFE compounds.

We also mould TFM including filled compounds, hot melt materials such as Victrex PEEK (including filled grades and PEEK HT), PCTFE, PFA and FEP. We offer these in a whole range of sizes of rods and tubes up to 1250mm diameter, including speciality filled PTFE grades of PTFE in moulded rods up to 50mm diameter in 1 metre lengths.

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Our Range of PTFE Materials

Over 500 grades of PTFE.

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Our Range of VICTREX PEEK Materials

Virgin and filled VICTREX PEEK in a range of sizes.

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Dupont™ Vespel® Machining

We have a direct supply of material through the official Dupont™ distribution channels and will only offer Genuine Dupont™ Vespel®

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PCTFE Materials

PCTFE can be supplied in thin transparent sheets, with a very low crystaline structure, which offers exceptional optical properties, with the material looking similar to glass.

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Polyurethane Materials

Polyurethanes (PU) have a substantial importance in modern seal technology. Our polyurethane materials stand out due to their being produced using only the highest quality materials.

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Rubber and Elastomers

We can offer 16 standard grades of rubber and/or elastomeric material that can be CNC machined or injection moulded into finished seals and or components.

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