PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) coatings, often referred to as Teflon® or Xylan® coatings offer a tough, heat-resistant finish with almost complete chemical inertness.

PTFE coatings have the highest operating temperature of any fluoropolymer, which makes PTFE ideal for bakeware applications.

The coatings that we apply are high-performance fluoropolymers which can be adapted to suit a range of situations. As a result, we are able to make unique improvements or solve any problems you may be having.



Operation at up to 290°C/550°F
Excellent non-stick properties
Good weather resistance
Good abrasion and chemical resistance
Excellent dielectric stability
An extremely low coefficient of friction
Cryogenic stability
Excellent wear resistance
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Common Uses for PTFE Coatings

PTFE coatings have a number of applications and can be used on carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, steel alloys, brass and magnesium. In addition, non-metallics such as glass, glass and carbon fibre, some rubber and plastics can all have PTFE coatings applied to them.

Correct surface preparation is essential to ensuring optimum performance, which we provide as part of our service.


Why choose Fluorotec Coatings

  • Our key strengths are our technical know-how and knowledge.
  • Our years of experience enables us to provide you with the best solution possible.
  • We specialise in the application of non-stick coatings.
  • We produce coatings for a number of different industries: oil and gas, bakeware and pharmaceutical are examples of industries we work with on a daily basis.
What our customers say...
"Shortly after we started to work with AFT we realized it was time to review all of our other suppliers as AFT set a new benchmark for quality and reliability. They stand by their product, they never let us down and if we do have a problem, their approach to finding a solution is second to none."

Bespoke Solutions

We offer a bespoke solution to meet your specification. Whether you have a one-off project that requires PTFE coatings or you have regular productions requiring coatings, Fluorotec Coatings can help. We have the capabilities to apply highly accurate film thickness (how accurate can depend on the type of coating and the geometry of your part).

Every day we help our clients to improve quality and reduce costs. Talk to us about how we can help you too.

PTFE Coatings

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