PTFE is one of the most chemically inert materials known and is used in many different applications and industries.

PTFE is an incredibly versatile material with a wide variety of applications. It has extreme chemical resistance, a massive temperature range, is completely unaffected by UV, excellent electrical insulation properties. Flexible, low friction, inert.



The key properties that Virgin PTFE is widely known for it's extreme chemical resistance, thermal stability, electrical insulation and it's very low coefficient of friction.

Extreme chemical resistance
Very low coefficient of friction
Wide temperature range
FDA approved
Excellent thermal stability
Excellent electrical insulation
Almost infinite shelf life
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Possible Applications

Virgin PTFE (unfilled) is most often used where mechanical properties are not the most important requirement.

Our most recent projects where Virgin PTFE has been specified include high voltage electrical connectors, environmental seals within commercial fishing reels and another where Virgin PTFE was specified as a diaphragm material, bonded to an elastomer substrate to offer the best of chemical resistance and purity on one side combined with flexural properties of the elastomer.


Other applications include:

Pump housings, valve seats, gaskets, roller coverings, shaft bearings, filter housings, etching plates, shaft seals, slide runners, chemical engineering, machine parts, transport and conveyor technology, pump and instrument construction, electrical industry, electronics, laser technology, fume purification, pure water production, cryogenics, filter technology, food and medical technology.

Property Test Method Typical Values
Specific Gravity BS EN ISO 13000-2 2.14 – 2.19 g/cm3
Tensile Strength BS EN ISO 13000-2 20 - 30 MPa
Elongation BS EN ISO 13000-2 350%
Shore D Hardness BS EN ISO 13000-2 55 - 65
Water Absorption DIN 53472/8.2 Zero
Modulus of Elasticity DIN 53482 750 MPa
Volume Resistivity DIN 53482 1018 ΩCM
Dielectric Constant (60Hz - 2GHz) ASTM D150 2.1
Dielectric Strength IEC 60243-1 Film 100µm 105
Coefficient of Friction <0.1
Datasheet: Virgin PTFE
AF001 Virgin PTFE 154kb

PTFE is one of the most chemically inert materials known. It is used in many different applications and industries.

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