Looking for a coating solution that not only provides excellent corrosion and wear-resistance whilst also delivering excellent non-slip, anti-slip properties? Then our thermal spray non-slip coating AFC4800 is the perfect solution for your application.

28E ARCTEC, a durable non-slip coating produced by Metallisation and expertly applied by our highly skilled applicators, is a reinforced aluminium based non-slip coating. It is ideal for use in pedestrian and industrial flooring areas, bridge decks, escalators, steel floors and panels across a range of diverse industries.

28E ARCTEC - A durable, non-slip coating

28E ARCTEC coating is a thermally sprayed coating that can be applied with a rough texture and has excellent non-slip properties while being extremely hard and resistant to wear. The coating provides:

  • A suitable level of grip, to avoid personal slips or industrial skidding
  • Comparable corrosion protection to aluminium, as used in aggressive environments
  • Easy application by a long-standing process, covered by international standards

It significantly reduces the risk of injury from slips and trips and is particularly effective in providing increased grip on wet surfaces. According to reports from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), slips, trips or falls are the 2nd most common type of workplace accident in the UK.

Steel flooring, decking, and panels are used in numerous applications including train steps, oil platforms, and bridges. If untreated, this steel can become quite slippery when wet. Applying a thermally sprayed non-slip coating increases the friction on the surface and provides more grip.

The resultant coating is corrosion resistant and as a result of its durability, users can be confident that once applied, they can forget about rust or slipping for many years.

  • Forklift loading ramps
  • Platform decks
  • Escalator pallets
  • Fire exits and stairwells
  • Manhole covers
  • Steel floors and decks
  • Lorry/vehicle tail lifts
  • Pontoons
  • Linkspans
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Expertly applied using the Arcspray Process

When AFC4800 is applied via arc spraying, as soon as the atomised molten metal particles hit the surface of the base material, they immediately cure. The particles flatten onto the surface, freeze and mechanically bond, firstly onto the roughened substrate and then onto each other as the coating thickness is increased. The grit blasted surface gives the perfect key to creating a well-adhered layer. You can change the spraying parameters to create textured coatings that provide different levels of grip suitable for public walkways, forklift ramps, etc. Some applications use metal coating sealants after metal spraying. These sealants are usually made from clear acrylic resins.

This application method provides a number of advantages:

  • It has the highest deposition rate of the thermal spraying processes.
  • Because this process offers lower energy cost, high deposition rates and efficiencies, it can be a lower cost coating when compared with plasma and HVOF spraying.
  • You can achieve higher bond strengths when compared to what is possible with flame spraying.
  • You can also achieve lower porosity levels when compared to powder flame spraying.