Steel & chilled iron grit blasting is a low cost and efficient method of removing surface coatings, media paint and preparing a wide range of metal surfaces.

Chilled iron is a hard abrasive and similar to aluminium oxide grit blasting, is often used for etching purposes. As the chilled iron media is blasted at the metal surface, it breaks at an angle producing a permanent mixture of sharp grit with the ability to roughen up extremely hard surfaces and clean quickly. Because of the profile of the chilled iron media, it is often used for surface preparation of metal spray coatings.

Steel grit is an aggressive blasting media, most commonly used to remove contamination such as rust from steel and foundry metals. Similar to chilled iron, it can also be used to leave an etched finish on surfaces. We have found that using steel grit to prepare a component for repair will enable better adhesion of coatings.

Industry Standards
All of our blast cleaning services meet with Swedish standards SA2.5 and SA3.
Reliable partners
We pride ourselves on offering a high level of customer service, from quick response to enquiries and short production lead times, to overnight turnaround in urgent cases.
Enhanced surface condition
Improves operating properties whilst also increasing durability.


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