Dry Blasting is a common method for surface treatment when it comes to surface cleaning or surface preparation due to its ease in achieving a particular surface profile or required roughness. It is also environmentally friendly due to the absence of hazardous chemicals, which can be difficult to dispose of.

There a number of different types of abrasive media that can be used to remove coating layers depending on the surface material composition. We have experience in removing coatings from an array of materials, including metals, plastics, carbon fibres and glass.

The process of dry blasting allows you to quickly and efficiently clean a wide range of components. From removing paints and surface coatings to preparing and finishing surfaces, dry bead blasting is suitable for a range of metals used in numerous industries.

Dry blasting is an extremely efficient way of stripping away old coatings, mill scale, corrosion and other contaminants from metal surfaces.
Save money
As it doesn’t involve additional equipment or the containment and disposal of water and wet waste, dry blasting is comparatively less costly.
Dry blasting requires less equipment and preparation compared to other forms of bead blasting.


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