FEP coatings (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Copolymer) melt and flow during baking to provide smooth non-stick, non-porous films with excellent abrasion resistance.  The coating is non-porous, so its chemical resistance is superb.

FEP coatings

FEP coatings can withstand a maximum use temperature of 205°C/400°F continuously and intermittently up to 450°F.

These coatings are chemically inert to most chemicals and solvents except very strong alkali solutions and fluorine at elevated temperatures.

This coating is typically applied to a thickness of 1-5 mils DFT. FEP coatings are available in both water-based and powder forms for many application methods.

Non wetting
Operation up to 205°C/400°F
Dielectric stability
Excellent chemical resistance
Non stick
Great release properties
Low coefficient of friction
Cryogenic stability
Release Coatings

Our packaging equipment coatings have a long lifespan and the foil doesn’t stick. This cuts cost by improving efficiency and also makes a cleaner higher quality seal on the foil.


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