In the realm of precision engineering, where innovation thrives and challenges are met head-on, SW Plastics shines as a dedicated division of AFT Fluorotec. 

In recent years, the SW Plastics team has recognised the challenges that component designs can pose. It can be disheartening for customers when an inquiry is met with a flat "declined" or, worse, when time and resources are wasted on unforeseen issues. Variables such as tolerances, interference fits, and sealing attributes all contribute to the risk of failure, and some companies hesitate to take that risk or lack the experience to communicate effective solutions. What looks good in theory doesn't always translate to reality.

At SW Plastics, we take a more proactive approach, priding ourselves on finding solutions and working closely with customers to engineer out difficulties. Machined components offer the advantage of adaptability, and with our extensive experience and lessons learned in research and development (R&D), we provide invaluable support and problem-solving.

With over 180 years of combined machining experience within the SW Plastics team, including engineers from a family-run business lineage, we bring a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering methods. Our passion, drive, and commitment are second to none, enabling us to save valuable time by addressing component and mating part considerations during the development phase, avoiding costly failed tests and assembly delays.

Consider a recent project involving micro bellows. Collaborating closely with our customer, we delved into their requirements for a part to compress and expand within a new valve design. Utilising CAD models in Autodesk Fusion 360, we analysed mating components and travel limits to grasp the function fully. Working closely with the customer over virtual platforms, we established a timeline, designed bespoke tooling, and crafted a unique CNC program. To overcome challenges posed by machining thin wall sections, we employed creative solutions, ensuring the part met all specifications and deadlines.

In our commitment to long-term customer support, we're investing in the next generation of young engineers, ensuring this knowledge is passed forward. Working with industry giants and maintaining an extensive approved supplier list, we invest in cutting-edge CNC machinery to enhance our capabilities. Most importantly, we invest time in allowing our staff to drive internal R&D trials, consistently pushing boundaries and expanding our knowledge. We even modify our equipment to perform in innovative ways, employing 3D printing for designing, developing, and adapting machines for unique work holding solutions in the ever-evolving world of plastic machining. We eagerly anticipate the next challenge and the novel machining techniques our future R&D projects will unveil.

Innovation is our foundation, and solutions are our legacy.