We were contacted by a processor of tortillas due to problems they were having with the coated items supplied by a competitor.

A meeting was set up and the production manager was keen to have us re-coat their rollers used for processing the tortilla dough. They were well versed in coatings and knew what they needed them to do, they just weren’t getting the quality or service from their existing vendor.

How we approached the project

The boss at the company told us we had to:

  • Collect the rollers at 7:00am on Friday 28th August
  • Return them no later than 12:00 midday on Sunday 30th August

In the meantime we worked out the coating they needed was our FDA compliant AFC2108 in bright green.

The coating needed to be applied to a specific section. No coating on the shaft could be permitted.

This quick turnaround job provided us with the opportunity to show what we could do with a view to taking over all of the company’s coated requirements from one of our competitors.

We delivered the coated rollers on-time despite the short deadline.


The ongoing benefits

Following up a few weeks later, we were invited to review the in-situ non-stick coated rollers on-site.

  • As expected, the coated items are now able to increase the throughput of the current production line
  • In addition, our coated rollers have eliminated the downtime and general stoppages previously experienced
  • A further added benefit is the delivery of even product through the rollers has resulted in a much more efficient use and distribution of the dough

Further plans to non-stick coat additional lines are being organised and it’s fair to say we have one very happy customer.

Get in touch to discuss how we can bring these benefits to your production line.

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