We’ve talked a lot about the cost and time benefits that come from effectively coating bakeware equipment, but these savings are also attainable by other areas of the food industry as well.

Our range of non-stick coatings perform just like non-stick frying pans in the home – but with industrial-strength quality and lifespan.  They are robust and less sensitive; they have a greater temperature range and are more resistant to burning and degradation from fats and heat.

All of this makes them a great choice for all cooking applications and not just in bakeries.


Sticky chicken, sticky situation

Recently we have been working with a chicken processing company based in North West England.

They have a vast product line and offer a range from whole chickens to breast, legs and wings, which can be cooked plain, glazed or spiced as the order requires.  Their main customers are supermarkets who have very strict policies on the quality of the product.

The company uses aluminium perforated trays and stainless steel mesh depending on what process is used. The company had never used non-stick coated trays or meshes, which meant that the products would often stick to the trays.  This would mean they needed to knock the trays onto a solid surface to release the chicken.

This created two issues; the product would sometimes be damaged and would be rejected and secondly, the trays would be significantly damaged which would be costly to replace.

The company looked into coatings and were unwisely advised to use a coating system that was not suitable for their internal processes.

Their supplier had not investigated the steam involved in the cleaning processes the aluminium trays were subjected to which resulted in the coating failing and delaminating which created a third problem of contamination.

This was a costly exercise for the company...


AFT Fluorotec to the rescue...

When they approached AFT Fluorotec we quickly analysed the processes involved and recommended a more suitable coating. This coating works well with high levels of steam, has very good wear resistance and can withstand the pressures of cleaning the aluminium trays.


How this benefited our client...

A stainless steel mesh is used to cook and then freeze the chickens which resulted in the products sticking to the mesh.

Applying the non-stick coating to the mesh allowed easier release of the product which has resulted in lower wastage and longevity of the stainless steel mesh.

As an added bonus from nothing sticking, the company benefits from the trays being easier to clean in their tray and rack wash. This allowed them to reduce the cycle time and lower the ph level which in turn has lowered their carbon footprint and increased efficiency and reduced costs.

After we resolved the issue of the coating, we soon realised the aluminium trays were suffering from severe damage when being placed into storage racks.

As they hit the backstop, the trays would be dented and eventually rendered unusable.  By reinforcing the edges of the tray we were able to prolong their life as they suffered less damage, resulting in significant savings.


How can we help?

Whether it’s helping to resolve problems you know about or those you don’t, AFT Fluorotec Ltd brings decades of experience to your organisation.  Let’s chat about how we can help your business.

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