PTFE is often used for its electrical properties, being an excellent insulator and capable of withstanding high and low temperatures it is a very versatile material. Many of the components and projects that AFT Fluorotec are involved in utilise the electrical properties of PTFE and its dielectric strength as the primary factor in material choice.

Recently an electronics customer requested assistance in the development of a non-magnetic, high voltage, dielectric trimmer capacitor where they felt PTFE may be a suitable choice of material to perform as the dielectric.

The properties of the finished component had to:

  • Operate at 1500V DC
  • Have a low temperature coefficient
  • Be extremely stable over time
  • Have a high Q factor
  • Offer multi-turn high resolution
  • Be self-locking within a constant torque drive mechanism
  • Be ROHS compliant
  • Withstand soldering up to 2600C

This component was aimed for use within Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and other medical applications.

Our technical team have curated an extensive technical library which was able to help us meet this client’s detailed electrical physical property requirements.

This allowed the client to choose PTFE AF001, one of our bespoke grades of PTFE, as a suitable material. This was followed up with first article test components to allow development of the finished component. AFT are now proud to be manufacturing these components in volume for this customer on a weekly basis, supplied complete with 3.1b material certification.