Hoppers and chutes are common pieces of equipment used in the manufacturing and processing of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry.

Over time, a common problem encountered is the deterioration of the metal substrate caused by the tablets continually hitting off the hopper and chute and leaving residue that can cause sticking.

Here's how our AF 2203 coating has helped our customer to eliminate this issue, saving time and money.

The Challenge

The production and processing of tablets for the pharmaceutical industry is one that requires minimal disruption. Our customer noticed they frequently were having to carry out unscheduled cleaning of their hoppers during the production process. They had noticed that due to a build-up and sticking, the tablets were not flowing through the hopper properly and were sometimes remaining stuck inside the walls. 

As well as requiring a new coating that provided non-stick and low friction properties, the coating had to be FDA approved due to the nature of the product.

Our Solution

After preparing the metal substrate through our surface preparation treatments, we applied our AF2203 coating, which is extremely durable and has excellent non-stick and low friction properties. The coating is FDA approved, provides an easy-to-clean surface, and has good chemical resistance to withstand any cleaning chemicals used during routine maintenance.

The Results

Our customer has reported that unscheduled maintenance has dropped significantly, saving both time and expense. They have also experienced improved quality control as there are now fewer tablet breakups due to the improvement in the low-friction and non-stick properties on the hopper.

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