AFT Fluorotec recently worked with a manufacturer in the food & drink industry who produce confectionery processing equipment, to help them coat the moulds for their equipment.  These machines are built to offer their customers the highest levels of quality, output and efficiency so it’s essential that their key components are up to the job.

The company also offers a mould refurbishment service for their customers, so they need to be certain that the coatings that they supply live up to the high standards of their products and long company history.

Like many of our clients, they had previously worked with another supplier with costly consequences – the wrong coating had been applied and had resulted in components of their equipment being destroyed (the problem had been the type of coating they tried to apply required a very high cure temperature which in turn overheated the mould castings which destroyed them).  

Not only did this experience cost them in terms of money, but also the time wasted left them disillusioned with coating suppliers and how they can help their business.


How we were able to help

This is a common situation for us – there’s such a broad range of properties that can be achieved with many different grades of coatings, that it takes expert knowledge and experience to pick the right one.

As the equipment is used to produce sweets (with high sugar content), the coating needed to be able to offer excellent release properties and withstand the high temperatures of the production process.

By taking the time to discuss the situation with the client and get to understand the details of how the equipment is used, we were able to come up with a solution that works for them.  We carried out a number of tests and were able to provide them with samples to try out – and it’s fair to say they are happy with the result - we’re now coating 8000 moulds a month for them!


Talking about the project, AFT Fluorotec’s Sales & Technical Director, Michael Crow said:

This is a common scenario for us. Clients often come to us who are unsure about what coatings can do for their business or having tested the water with another supplier, they were left unimpressed.

Finding an appropriate solution for a particular job can be difficult, but we always work hard to ensure the solution we recommend will work for the client.

Of course, we have to understand the primary use of the equipment, but we also look at the ancillary implications such as how the equipment will be stored or cleaned. These things affect how a particular coating will endure use after use and that really makes what we do a cost-effective solution for our clients.

If you would like to chat about how our coatings can help your business, then get in touch.

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