Last week we were delighted to welcome Metallisation to Fluorotec to host a training day for our coating team. Metallisation put on a bespoke course for five of our employees to introduce them to both Flame spray and Thermal Arc spray technology.

It was a great, practical and hands-on day enhancing our coatings team skill levels using the latest Metallisation Thermal Arc Spray equipment that we recently purchased from them. This new equipment has allowed us to enhance our coating solutions, with the ability to offer 28E ARCTEC, a durable non-slip coating produced by Metallisation and expertly applied by our highly skilled applicators. It is a reinforced aluminium based non-slip coating that provides a rough texture to substrates that prevent personal slips or industrial skidding.


Using the latest technology from Metallisation our team was trained in the following aspects of thermal spraying

  • Health and Safety Implications
  • Understanding the Equipment and its safe operation
  • Maintenance of the spray guns
  • Surface Preparation of components
  • Masking Processes
  • Application techniques for the thermal sprayed coatings
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Inspection and evaluation of a quality coating
  • Coating application training for adherence to BS EN ISO 2063-1:2019

If you'd like to learn more about our new thermal spraying capabilities, including our non-slip coating solutions, please get in touch.