• Calculate the overall load of the structure as this will indicate the total area of the PTFE slide bearing required at an appropriate temperature and pressure
  • Consider the function and rigidity of the structure to determine the quantity and positions of the PTFE slide bearings.
  • Take account of any unusual conditions that will affect the PTFE slide bearings during operation, such as the temperature at the sliding interface, angular misalignment and the need for acoustic or vibration damping
  • The type of adhesive used is determined by the temperature range at which the PTFE slide bearings will be operating. We ask therefore that this information is specified on all enquiries
  • Determine the most suitable method of fixing the PTFE slide bearings to the installation
  • Consider the operating environment and select the type of steel for the backing plates accordingly


PTFE slide bearings can be fixed to the installation by full welding, tack welding, mortar embedment or bolting. The appropriate slide bearing configuration should be selected to suit the method of installation. Care should be taken to adequately protect the surface of the PTFE during installation.

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