Desalter Bushings, also known as Desalter Entrance Bushings, Desalter Vessel Entrance Bushings, and Dehydrator and TR Bushings, are crucial components in the oil refining industry. These specialised bushings are designed to improve the efficiency and reliability of the desalting process, a critical step in oil refining.

What Are Desalter Bushings?

Desalter Bushings are engineered components used at the entrance of desalting units, vessels, dehydrators, and TR units in oil refineries. They serve several vital functions:

Improved Flow Control
Desalter Bushings help regulate the flow of crude oil and other feedstock into the desalting unit, ensuring a consistent and controlled process.
Enhanced Mixing
These bushings facilitate the mixing of crude oil with desalting chemicals, such as water, to remove impurities, salts, and contaminants effectively.
Reduced Corrosion
By preventing turbulence and controlling the flow, Desalter Bushings minimise the risk of corrosion within the desalting unit, extending its operational lifespan.
Efficient Water Separation
They aid in the separation of water and oil phases, a crucial step in desalting, by promoting the coalescence of water droplets.
Improved Flow Patterns
Desalter Vessel Entrance Bushings optimise the flow pattern within the vessel, enhancing the mixing and separation processes.
Enhanced Efficiency in Dehydrators and TR Units
These bushings contribute to efficient flow management and improved separation in dehydrators and TR (Turbine) units.

Types of Desalter Bushings:

  1. Desalter Entrance Bushings: Positioned at the entry point of the desalting unit, these bushings play a pivotal role in controlling the initial flow and ensuring an even distribution of feedstock and desalting chemicals. Entrance Bushings, constructed with plastic insulating material, are designed to withstand high operating pressure, usually in the range of several thousand PSI, when the operating temperatures are low. 
  2. Desalter Vessel Entrance Bushings: Installed at the entrance of desalting vessels, these bushings are designed to optimise the flow pattern within the vessel, enhancing the mixing and separation processes.
  3. Dehydrator and TR Bushings: In addition to desalting units, these bushings find applications in dehydrators and TR (Turbine) units, where they contribute to efficient flow management and improved separation.

Here at AFT Fluorotec, we manufacture Desalter Bushings in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, some of which can be seen below:

Benefits of Choosing Desalter Bushings

Enhanced Efficiency:

Desalter Bushings improve the overall efficiency of the desalting process, leading to higher yields of refined oil products.

Extended Equipment Life:

By reducing turbulence and preventing corrosion, these bushings contribute to the longevity of desalting equipment.

Consistent Quality:

They help maintain consistent product quality by ensuring thorough mixing and separation of oil and impurities.

Reduced Maintenance:

With improved process control and minimised wear and tear, the need for maintenance and downtime is significantly reduced.

Cost Savings:

By improving the efficiency and reliability of the desalting process, Desalter Bushings can lead to significant cost savings in terms of reduced energy consumption, fewer maintenance requirements, and increased production yields. This cost-effectiveness contributes to the overall profitability of your oil refining operations.

Compliance and Safety:

Desalter Bushings aid in meeting environmental and safety regulations by minimising the risk of spills and contamination.

Why Choose Our Desalter Bushings?

Our Desalter Bushings are crafted with precision and expertise to meet the rigorous demands of the oil refining industry. When you choose our products, you can expect:

  • High-Quality Materials: Our bushings are manufactured using materials that offer exceptional corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Custom Solutions: We understand that every oil refinery is unique. Therefore, we offer customizable solutions to cater to your specific requirements.
  • Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we possess the knowledge and technical expertise needed to provide the right Desalter Bushing solution for your operation.
  • Reliability: Our Desalter Bushings are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the oil refining process, delivering consistent and reliable performance.

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