The challenge

A leading expert in the high-volume production of semiconductor components required their new installation of ventilation and exhaust ductwork protected against fire, toxic and corrosive fumes which was a common problem in their production processes. AFT were approached by a manufacturer of the ductwork and pipework systems and asked to provide a smooth, high purity fluoropolymer coating which would both stand up to the processing demands whilst also providing fire and explosive protection plus meeting all the strict overall safety standards. We were additionally asked to provide a quick turnaround of parts to meet the tight construction deadlines.

Our solution

AFT's extensive experience with the semiconductor industry helped to provide the client with a full coating specification. Halar ECTFE was chosen as the coating to meet the design criteria, process demands and the necessary approvals. A work schedule was agreed with the client to which resulted in many meters of varying lengths of stainless ducting, elbows and valves being coated. The parts were all masked externally, grit blasted and coated on the internal product contact surfaces. The coating was visually inspected, thickness checks and porosity checks (spark testing) were carried out before being signed off and dispatched to the customer.


Our coatings team coated the initial batch of pipework within 7 days, this was subsequently signed off by the end customer and resulted in further batches. These were all delivered on time enabling contractors to install within the agreed time frame. We had some great positive customer feedback on the coating finish and service provided. AFT would be highly recommended for future ductwork installations that required coating protection.

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