We fulfil all aspects of your Seal supply chain. If you need a custom seal design, advice on the right fluoropolymer material to use, a new material designed for your particular application or you simply want to order a supply of standard profile seals, we can help.


    If you are looking for a standard seal profile and need a reliable supplier who can advise on materials and deliver on time, then get in touch with us.


    Our team of experts have been designing custom seals for our clients for many years. We can design your seal, and recommend or develop a suitable material for your application.


    AFT Fluorotec have a proven series of RCD seals, tried and tested for more than 12 years across a range of the biggest and best RCD manufacturers products worldwide


    Our PEEK & PTFE compounds are used to manufacture piston rings, rider rings and rod packing for all types of compressors.

The right material
Our technical experts work with you to understand you requirements so we can recommend the right material for the job.
Precision manufacturing
As a specialist seals manufacturer, we've manufactured millions of seals for clients across the world - either to their specifications, or to a custom design we've created for them.
A reliable supplier
We understand you need a reliable supply chain, and we work hard to ensure all orders are manufactured and delivered on time.

Choosing the right material for your seals

We can't stress enough how important it is to choose the right material for your seal. It makes the difference between your seal performing as it should and failing completely. As fluoropolymer experts, our team can help you choose the right material - whether that be a filled grade of PTFE, a grade of official VICTREX PEEK or one of our bespoke "AF" range of materials.

Importantly, we can also work with you to design a bespoke material that will suit your application and the environment it will be used in. In fact, most of our clients come to us for this experience, and we're happy to deliver a perfect solution every time.


    AFT Fluorotec are experienced in producing PTFE seals for our clients. We have manufactured PTFE seals for a number of sectors, including aerospace, automotive and oil & gas.


    AFT Fluorotec have produced high quality PEEK seals for a number of years. They are manufactured to provide excellent mechanical and thermal resistance.

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Whether you need a custom seal designed and manufactured, or you are simply looking to purchase a quantity of standard seals, our team can help.

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