Recently, we received a call from a contact who was familiar with our services and capabilities from a previous company he worked at. They needed our help with a mesh basket and top seal.

Seals, of course, are one of our specialities as we manufacture millions of custom and standard seals each year for clients across the world.

However, like many of the jobs we do for clients, the mesh basket was an entirely new project for us. But, with our years of experience and technical experts on hand to advise on the right approach and material, we were able to apply some creative thinking to get the right result.

The basket was made up of a double layer mesh supported by PTFE strips sewn in to help its rigidity. The customer was unsure on material but required an FDA approved PTFE or similar material, for mechanical strength and manufacturing ease.

After receiving a sample and reviewing the material we believed the mesh was not PTFE and something different.

At the end of several discussions with the customer and a bit of development / research, we settled on offering double layer polypropylene mesh along with the PTFE strips.

The next stage was what micron size both the inner and outer mesh had to be to fulfil its function. With further discussions and ideas both the customer and we decided that a larger micron size would be best. This was agreed to be 105um.

A quote was put together for a large and small mesh basket measuring:

  • 270mm dia x 320mm h
  • 270mm dia x 160mm h

An order soon followed.

This is a typical example of the type of work we do with clients. Some jobs we can easily and quickly advise on the right material, but others require us carry out some research on behalf of the client to come up with the perfect solution for their project.

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