Our VICTREX PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) coatings consist of AF800 series PEEK powder applied to a substrate to create a protective outer layer.  This type of coating is typically used to improve resistance to chemicals, corrosion, abrasion and wear when applied to metal substrates.


Thickness range

Typical AF800 PEEK coating thickness ranges from 300μm to 500μm for powders and 25μm to 75μm for liquid dispersions.


Tolerances of Peek

Typical coating thickness tolerance is ± 25μm on thin coats and ± 125μm on thick coats.


Application techniques

AF800 PEEK powder is typically applied by one of the following methods:

• Electrostatic coating
• Dispersion coating
• Fluidized bed process


Our range of PEEK coatings

We can supply a range of coatings based on VICTREX PEEK Polymer to suit your exact requirements.

• Pure VICTREX PEEK polymer for corrosion and wear
• Combinations with graphite or ceramic for conductivity
• Combinations with PFA, FEP, and PTFE for high-temperature release and friction


PEEK coating thickness

Type of Coating: Electrostatic Coating
Description: PEEK Dry powder consolidated onto parts
Coating Thickness: 100-1000 μm (5-40mil)

Type of Coating: Dispersion Coatings
Description: PEEK powder dispersed in a fluid and sprayed
Coating Thickness: 25-100 μm (1-4mil)

Download the AF800 Series Victrex PEEK Coatings data sheet

PEEK Benefits

  • Low friction abrasion resistant surface
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Harder surface with low particulate generation
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance to 260°C (500°F)
  • Excellent steam and particulate abrasion resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • No cold flow
  • Non-galling
  • Versatility – can be combined with other polymers to create unique properties