An introduction to PEEK coatings

  • The principle ingredient in PEEK coatings is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer.
  • PEEK coatings are used in many sectors including industrial, automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical and electronics.
  • The most notable properties of VICOTE® coatings from VICTREX® are strength, durability and high-temperature performance.
  • PEEK coatings are applied via dispersion spray or electrostatic methods.

5 irresistible benefits for engineers

Increased part life

If you’re forking out money regularly on the same machine parts because of poor wear performance, it’s going to cost money in terms of replacement parts as well as lost production time.

When the same production problem keeps rearing its ugly head again and again, questions will start to be asked. PEEK coatings are renowned for their high wear performance, so you’ll get more from your parts and less downtime.

Smooth surface

Coatings such as VICOTE® from VICTREX® provide 4 x the wear resistance of standard fluoropolymers and are scratch resistant – giving you a better-looking end product that’s much less likely to fail prematurely.

The lubricity of PEEK coatings is well known and the smooth, consistent surface of coated parts is an engineer’s dream.

Compliant coatings

When it comes to food processing and electronics, most grades of PEEK coatings are RoHS and FDA compliant so you can use them with complete confidence. PEEK coatings give you the best of both worlds – compliant coatings without having to compromise on performance.

In addition to the compliance benefits, most of the dispersion grades of VICOTE® are water-based, so they’re environmentally friendly as well.


PEEK coatings offer great versatility, not just across different sectors, but also within specific ones. For example, in the food processing industry they are commonly used in industrial bakeware, processing belts, and cutting equipment.

Within the field of electronics, uses for PEEK coatings include circuit substrates, mobile phone sliders, and equipment components.

Renowned resistance

As well as possessing strong abrasion resistance properties, PEEK coatings also excel in other areas. For example, they are resistant to acids and hydrocarbons and insoluble in all common solvents. The VICOTE® 700 grades deliver strong resistance to high doses of Gamma radiation.

And if all those properties aren’t enough, engineers like you have also discovered that the properties of this type of polymer are not affected by being exposed to steam, humidity or water.


The durability and versatility of PEEK coatings make them a popular and reliable choice for engineers in a wide range of industries here in the UK and countries all over the globe.

Let’s take another quick look at those 5 benefits for engineers:

  • Increased part life
  • Smooth surface
  • Compliance
  • Versatility
  • Resistance properties

Learn more about PEEK coatings or get in touch to find out how we can make your life as an engineer so much easier.

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