The UK manufacturing economy has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent years. Throughout this time of turbulence, AFT Fluorotec has stayed committed to keeping all of its manufacturing at home. There are a number of reasons that we have not moved any of our processes “offshore”, we will discuss the 7 reasons why we have always manufactured in the UK in this post.

Commitment and Quality Control

Offshore manufacturing is often a result of a company looking to reduce costs and increase profit margins. AFT Fluorotec is committed to providing the highest quality machined plastics to our customers while maintaining a fair price. Offshore manufacturing can be extremely difficult to police. It can be common to only unearth a quality issue when it is too late, or worse still discovering a quality issue after the product has arrived with the client.

Since we manufacture all of our materials right here in the UK, we are able to quality check our own work ensuring the highest standard for each of our clients. We also have world class equipment, staff and have foolproof systems in place in each of our locations, our product truly is unrivalled. AFT Fluorotec is approved and endorsed by clients in the F1, aerospace and Military industries, where standards and specifications are both high and demanding.


With our diverse client base, it is imperative that we are agile and responsive when it comes to lead times. We work with companies here in the UK and throughout Europe and the US. Optimally located in the UK we can respond to demanding lead times, being able to create any specification of product at short notice. This allows us to respond to customer demand, often shipping parts on the same day they are ordered.

Talent & Expertise

AFT Fluorotec believes that some of the world’s finest Engineering talent is based right here in the UK. We are extremely proud of our team and know we have people with all the expertise and talent required to deliver on any project, no matter how challenging it may be. You only have to look at where all of the Formula 1 companies have based themselves to understand how highly thought of the UK manufacturing industry is by the rest of the world.

Hands on Control

With every product we manufacture we have complete control from start to finish. Not only can we get up close and personal with our process line, our customers can too. Experiencing the level of detail that goes into everything we do, means our clients can rest easy knowing that we will deliver an exceptional product every single time. We welcome any of our customers to come and get a real feel for what it is we do and how passionate about engineering plastics we are here at Fluorotec.

Worldwide Credibility

Throughout the world, the UK has built up an excellent reputation as being one of the leading countries in manufacturing. The demand for UK manufactured plastics is high, British manufacturing instils confidence, which makes it extremely easy to trade anywhere in the world. We are in a prime position geographically; which allows us to ship at 4.30pm from our Hertford factory and have goods delivered the next day anywhere in Europe or the US before 10am.


AFT Fluorotec is proud to be British. We are proud of the British heritage in engineering excellence. Our chairman was the first to bring our core material PTFE to the UK to produce moulded and machined parts. He revolutionised the British Valve Industry with PTFE and to this day, we continue to proactively develop our manufacturing methods from our base in Hertford as well as our aerospace and military division SW Plastics located in Kent.  

Local Community

Contributing to the local community is at the heart of everything we do at AFT Fluorotec. Our apprentices make up a large part of the local university courses. The combination of on the job learning and a strong academic course means we are constantly developing the best local manufacturing talent. AFT Fluorotec is honoured to be part of the British Engineering and Manufacturing Industry, which remains the largest industrial sector in the UK and contributes more than 30% of total manufacturing value.

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