In fact, more people are familiar with the brand term, Teflon, than the material it refers to, PTFE. This is a reflection of how many households and businesses have adopted equipment with Teflon non-stick coatings. The coatings are so effective, that they have become synonymous with the brand.

Famously, a Teflon coating is the only known surface that a Gecko can’t stick to!

What most people don’t know is that Teflon’s non-stick properties have applications outside of the food industry and Teflon coated components can be found in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and many other industries.

This is because the material has a range of other fantastic properties, making it an extremely desirable coating solution for many of our customers.

Heat and Cold Resistant

There aren’t many coating materials that have Teflon’s temperature tolerance, which ranges from -270 to +315 °C.

Teflon’s tolerance to heat is one of the main reasons it is great for use in bakeware applications (at home and on an industrial scale). Teflon coated trays can withstand use after use and offer a much more cost-effective solution when compared to silicon. In fact, many of our bakery clients have achieved substantial cost savings when they’ve changed from silicone glaze to Teflon coatings – and that’s before you consider the time saved as the non-stick coating means the equipment can be cleaned quicker.

Great Electrical Properties

Teflon has a high dielectric strength, which means it makes a great coating option in situations where the application needs to be non-conductive.

The strength of PTFE’s carbon-fluorine bonds are incredibly flexible and non-reactive and as the material is also hydrophobic, it works as an excellent electrical insulator and a barrier to prevent water from affecting key components.

Chemical Resistant

You’ll have to venture into hostile environments to find chemicals that will harm Teflon, which is why many industries use it to coat other materials to protect them.

While other PTFE coatings (such as Xylan) can be more suited to extreme chemical environments, Teflon does a fantastic job of protecting against chemicals that are more commonly found in work, at home, and across a wide range of industries.

It should be noted that we have different grades of Teflon coatings available and not all meant for the same level of chemical resistance. We work with you to determine the right choice and grade of material for your particular project.