AFT Coatings have for many years now been working with Compressor manufacturers to help improve service life, energy efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Valve plates, damper plates, discs, piston rings, poppets and springs are all required to perform continuously in the most demanding of industrial processing environments such as the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Renewable Energy.

Our coatings have been specially formulated to provide key performance benefits to compressor components that need low friction/anti-galling properties, corrosion resistance, chemical protection, wear resistance, temperature resistance and sometimes most importantly non-stick properties that help prevent blockages from contaminants which can lead to production shutdowns. Applying the right type of coating will help enhance compressor availability, longer life, superior reliability and solve poor performance of the valves.

Don’t forget if required customers can use AFT’S Rapid Response Coating Service which enables components to be coated/re-coated on a quick turnaround and therefore keeping costly downtimes to a minimum.

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Compressor Valves & Moving Parts

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