Dupont™ Vespel® S line polyimide materials from AFT Fluorotec can offer exceptional performance at elevated temperatures and solve application issues involving demanding conditions of wear, pressure, requirements for self-lubrication and low friction, chemical attack and temperature.

  • The Dupont S line range of polyimide materials exhibits a glass transition temperature of over 400 degrees C. A continuous service temperature of 300 degrees C, and operating temperature in certain applications of 500 degrees C.
  • Dupont S line range of polyimide materials from AFT Fluorotec can offer an alternative wear-resistant material solution to PEEK, carbon and graphite and metallic bearing surfaces, with exceptionally high PV (dry pressure velocity limits to 12 MPA .m/s and even higher with lubrication)
  • Vespel S line materials exhibit exceptional chemical resistance properties.
  • Vespel ST resists chemical attacks from acids and bases. Organic solvents have little effect, as do chlorinated and fluorinated solvents. Hydrocarbon solvents such as Toluene and kerosene have virtually no effect.
  • Dupont Vespel S line polyimide materials from AFT Fluorotec can also be extensively used in applications involving Jet Engine oils, Silicone fluids, refined mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, and oil additives.
  • AFT Fluorotec can offer Dupont Vespel S line materials for use in lubricated and unlubricated bearing applications.
  • Vespel polyimide also offers an excellent material option for use as a seal ring. From cryogenic temperatures to 300 degrees C, and intermittent use at 500 degrees C, with excellent load bearing properties at a temperature beyond other plastic materials. With low wear, low friction, and good structural properties, polyimide offers a viable alternative to cast iron.
Dupont Vespel
We have a direct supply of material through the official Dupont™ distribution channels and only use genuine Dupont™ Vespel®
Dupont Vespel Polyimide