With the rapid advance of science there have been many added demands on processing requirements for manufacturers.  Within this specialist area of technology PTFE and Fluoropolymer coatings play an important role and are having a big impact on the performance of products. More and more these coatings are the preferred solution for extended levels of performance and enhanced product quality in demanding scientific applications.

Many of today’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers need to be flexible to produce multiple products while meeting the growing needs for product purity, cleanability, durability and lower maintenance costs. Here at AFT Fluorotec Coatings our range of coatings with their unique properties are helping engineers to provide solutions to many of these problems.

Our coating formulations are numerous and can provide answers, whether for chemical protection, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, heat resistant, cryogenic temperatures, permeation resistance, non-wetting (Hydrophobic), Oleophobic (Oil Shedding), electrical insulation/conductive, non-stick/release and easy clean. PTFE, PFA, FEP, PEEK, ETFE, ECTFE are all polymers used for scientific applications and are non-reactive giving no corrosion by-products or extractable that may contaminate scientific processes.

Scientific processes are often highly complex and involve different material substrates. Our coatings can be applied to most solid materials including almost all metals, glass, ceramics, many plastics, rubbers and elastomers. In many cases by using our coatings this can help prevent designers specifying very expensive alloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel. Our expertise enables us to work closely with customers to help them provide safer, more reliable, cleaner, greener, improved yields and productivity.

Listed below are some examples of where our coatings are helping in scientific applications;

  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment
  • Glass Labware (Flasks, Beakers, Columns, Evaporators)
  • Gas Analysing Equipment
  • Table Top Chemistry Tools
  • Reaction Stations and Vessels
  • Sterilisation Equipment
  • Fuel Cells
  • Control and Monitoring Equipment
  • Cryogenic Medical Applications
  • Weather/Rainfall Monitoring Equipment
  • Probes and Thermowells
  • Tanks and Vessels

Please contact us to discuss your application requirements.